Hi! I'm Neel, a Freelance Web Developer based in Melbourne


astutepayroll – Full time Nov 13 – Current

[id] Digital Agency – Full time Apr 13 – Nov 13

Technology – CodeIgniter PHP,  MySQL, GIT, CCR Gateways

  • Developing websites on PHP using Code Igniter Framework
  • Be a part of a fast paced development environment
  • Develop Shopping Carts with Payment Gateway and PayPal Integration
  • Used GIT version control for all projects

Bonntech Business Solutions – Full time Jan 11 – Apr  13

Technology: PHP 5.3, Code Igniter Framework, Silverstripe, HTML5, MySQL, phpBB forums,  jQuery, JavaScript, CSS, Adobe Photoshop, XML, Joomla, SVN, Git

  • Working as a Web Application Developer and contributed in building membership databases
  • Used cPanel to create accounts and migrated websites from a direct admin box
  • Implemented direct one payment gateway for online CCR transactions
  • Used the MVC architecture to develop membership modules
  • Created a new help ticketing system with email functionality
  • Developed a student enrollment and attendance system for élance ballet school
  • Integrated Image and Sound Captcha to block unsecure form processing
  • Integrated phpBB Forums and hacked the code for client specific constraints
  • Used Facebook and Twitter API and integrated them in various projects
  • Implemented SMS REST API to send sms from web

Fountain Products Toy Store – (Freelancing)  Dec 12 – Feb 13

Link: http://www.fountainproducts.com.au/

Technology: WordPress, PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, jQuery

  • Created customized ordering form to place orders
  • Modified the basic theme to give the look and feel of a toy store
  • Added custom code to wordpress MVC for client specific requirement
  • Created a contact form with a captcha field
  • Installed Google analytics to keep track of site traffic and links clicked

Indian Express Restaurant, Hampton – (Freelancing)                                                    
Jan 12 – Aug 12

Link: http://indianexpress.com.au                                                                               

Technology: Joomla, PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, jQuery

  • Created a static menu and basic contact form in Phase 1
  • Integrated shopping cart and online ordering with CCR payment
  • Implemented CCR payment processing using PayPal
  • Integrated Facebook API to show status streams
  • Integrated Google Maps API to show a Google map of the restaurant
  • Created a backend for the owner to add/edit/disable items from the menu

Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER) – Full time Contract Jun 10 – Oct 10

Technology: CVS, PHP 5.3, Zend Framework, JavaScript, Java, CSS, XML, Selenium

  • Worked as a Software Developer and contributed by developing projects in a team.
  • Developed projects PISAITEMREVIEW and TMS (Translation Management System).
  • Generated PDF reports from XML files.
  • Developed 30 units out of 80. Each unit consisted of a task that students must perform in groups. Schools all over the world to improve student’s communication skills use it.
  • Developed TMS using Google translator API to translate all units from English to different languages.
  • Responsible for creating and executing test cases using Selenium IDE


Research Student Administration System (RSAS) – Contract Work  Mar 10 – Jun 10

Technology: SVN, PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, ITX Template

  • Contributed in gathering requirement and developing use cases and class diagrams.
  • RSAS is website for the RMIT research student’s administration.
  • Developed functionality such as sending emails, viewing reports, generating reports, searching students following Object Oriented and MVC architecture.
  • As a team leader of the project was responsible for web development, assigning tasks to the team members and coordinating the work.
  • Completed the project successfully and delivered on time.

Student Management System (SMA)         Jul 09 – Nov 09

Technology:    JAX-WS, EJB, JMS, ODBC, Session Beans

Software’s:    Netbeans 6.7, Glassfish Server

  • This challenging project provided opportunity to get expertise on cutting edge technology such as J2EE, Java and implementing Distributed system.
  • This project built research ability, developed designing and analyzing skills. Also, boost confidence in programming.
  • This project provided an opportunity to learn cutting-edge technology such as JAX-WS web service, Entity Beans (EJB) and implemented concepts like Service Oriented Architecture(SOA).

Online Survey Form Generator System (SFGS):                                                  Mar 09 – Jul 09

Technology:  ASP.NET 3.5 Web Application, Silver light, Crystal Report, ADO.Net

Software’s:    Microsoft Visual Studio 2008, SQL Server 2008, Expression Blends

  • Selected as the Best Student Solution in the university from 150 students.
  • Built using C# and used ASP.net features master pages, custom controls, user controls, business objects, grid views, wizard controls.
  • Developed  individually  and  a  lot  of  research  was  done  in  finding  out  the  best  way  to implement a particular functionality.
  • Encryption was used to store the passwords in the database and the web.config file was used to store all settings and configurations of the application.

MasterCard and Visa Credit Card Process:                                                         Mar 09

Technology: PHP, MySQL

  • Developed a web site that process master card and Visa card transaction to get experience, how it works on E-Commerce and Enterprise system.
  • This project assisted to implement the security and find out the loopholes that can be resolved to make the web site more secure.

Dun & Bradstreet (Part time)Jan 10 – June 10

Debt Collections Officer


  • Working in a team
  • Meeting the targets
  • Collecting Debt


  • Premiership player of Mid-Year Cricket Association 2012 Central League
  • Captaining the team A of RMITCC for the 2012-2013 Season
  • Vice President of RMIT Cricket Club 09/10, Melbourne
  • Awarded the most improved player for 2009-2010 season in RMIT Cricket Club
  • Awarded the best bowler for 2008-2009 season in RMIT Cricket Club
  • Team leader for final year diploma project.